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The Micro User

By Software Invasion
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 1.09

The Sound Of Gunfire...

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like picking up a gun and shooting a few dozen people?

Well, with Gunsmoke, Software In vasion's Wild West game, you can shoot as many as you like. But you have to be fast on the draw and quick on the trigger.

The game starts by setting the scene, a well drawn view of one side of a Western town with a store, saloon and sheriffs office.

You play the lawman, controlling an animated figure who walks up and down the street.

Suddenly you're under attack from up to 16 baddies who appear in the windows of the buildings and shoot at you.

You have to run to avoid the bullets and then fire back. It helps to be a crack shot.

Even if you get hit you have three lives and, as a special offer, for every 16 gunmen you kill you get an extra life.

It's a simple game that will appeal mostly to children. The animated man could be a little better but otherwise the graphics are excellent and the whole thing well designed.

Not too difficult, it's the kind of game that has spectators looking over your shoulder yelling: "Saloon, top window. Quick!". That makes it definitely a game for the family - simple but enjoyable.

Nigel Peters