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Greedy Green Grabbers
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #82

I wonder about the title of this game when the only grabbers I could see were blue.

They inhabit a series of mazes. In the first you start with two grabbers. They will pursue as you travel round the maze collecting spots. If you manage to trap them in one of the dead ends, a good score will be obtained, but your ultimate task is to reach the single asterisk. This not only awards you points to the value of 50 times the screen number, but will take you onto the next screen. Subsequent screens are more difficult, however, as the number of pursuers increase.

The instructions say it is not a fast game "but it can become difficult". I found it can become impossible. As a new maze is set up, your man can be superimposed on a grabbed, bringing the game to an unsporting and rather abrupt end. He might also find himself in a dead end with his exit barred by a grabber. Now that's not fair is it?


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