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Your Sinclair

Grand Prix
By D&H Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #52

Grand Prix

No, it's a French word, you loathsome little oik. Go and see the headmaster immediately. Now where was I? Oh yes...

This sim enters the gripping world of Formula One motor racing, and, one or two quibbles aside, deals with it very well. You are the manager of a racing team (it's up to you which), and you have two of the worst drivers in all of motor racing. Quite what it takes to improve your lot (your car's rubbish too) I haven't yet worked out, but you can be sure I will - even if it takes me months.

There are the usual D&H features - a main menu which connects lots of other menus, on which you manipulate the various factors that will help you win the race - or, in my case, come last. Just to make it more humiliating, there's a slightly crude graphic representation of the race, with all the cars going incredibly fast except for yours, which poodle around like C5s.

There are trillions of factors, including pitstops (can you keep yours to a minimum, and will it make any difference if you do?), crashes, hirings and firings, sponsors and loads more. Hints and tips on this monster will be more than welcome in The Clinic.

A tad primitive to look at of course, but the management stuff is spot-on. Worth your readies.

Marcus Berkmann

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