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Home Computing Weekly

By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #42

This is probably the best golf game that I have ever seen on a computer.

The course played on has 18 holes and, not surprisingly, is in Texas. It has a par of 72.

The player has a choice of 14 clubs - four woods, nine irons and a putter.

All the usual hazards are there: rough, trees, water and bunkers.

After you enter your handicap, the hole is drawn on the screen. The graphics used to do this are excellent.

The par of the hole, the number of shots that have been taken and the length of the hole are all shown at the top of the screen.

When the ball is hit, it can be faded down the screen, drawn up the screen or shot straight towards the hole.

My only criticism would be that when the ball has landed in a bunker, it cannot be seen. This is because both bunker and ball are white.

When you manage to hit the ball on to the green, the display of the fairway is cleared from the screen and is replaced by a larger scale picture of the green.

An indication of the speed of the green is also displayed.


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