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Home Computing Weekly

Gold Digger
By Firebird
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #94

A good tune whilst you load to get you in the mood, appropriately enough it's Clementine. The graphics are to a very high standard and the instructions come on a well-organised title page. Unfortunately, there is only a keyboard option and that makes the game extremely difficult.

The game involves you, a miner, above ground waiting to start digging. A good point is that nothing happens until you commit yourself to moving down. Once you do, all hell breaks loose. The gold is there and so are some helpful rocks. Helpful because close on your heels are misers who chase you.

There is very little time to think and plan although a pause key is included. This prevents the game from being an enjoyable by creating too much frustration early on. It is not just a challenge, it's a fight against the odds. A pity because if it could be slowed down or have a joystick option it might prove a winner.


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