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General Election ()
By Bug Byte
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #24

General Election

GENERAL ELECTION is a simulation of the events leading to a poll for two to four players but not the computer. Once you have chosen your party you start on the campaign trail round the country, trying to persuade the population to vote for you. After you have visited all 100 constituencies you sit back and wait for the results.

The screen layout is a 10 x 10 board on which your candidate moves, the moves being decided by the throw of a dice. That is scarcely the ideal use for a computer; some board games have been translated to a computer successfully but this is not one of them.

To throw the dice the 'R' key must be pressed, as it must for almost all events. The only time it is not needed is when you have to guess the best policy - similar to letting the computer think of a number you then have to find, and about as interesting.

Once you have toured the country the results of the election are displayed. That takes almost half an hour. If you have never been bored by a game, try this one. It can be obtained from Bug Byte.

Memory: 48K Price: £6.95

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