Gatecrasher (Quicksilva) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Quicksilva
Acorn Electron

Published in Home Computing Weekly #73

From the name you may get the impression it has something to do with gatecrashing a party. It's nothing of the sort. This game deals with the art of barrel rolling.

On screen is displayed a maze with trap doors leading to empty slots. The idea is to control your man at screen top and roll the barrel down into the empty slot. First the trap doors have to be adjusted. If the barrel rolls into an occupied slot you lose two barrels.

There are seven levels of difficulty. On level five you have to put two barrels in each slot. If you find all the trap doors lead to occupied slots and you have only one empty slot left, you can cause an earthquake which will re-adjust the trap doors, but this will cost you one barrel.

At the end you are given a code to crack. If you are successful you can enter the £200 competition being run by the manufacturers.

This is an enjoyable game with simple but good graphics. The ease of playing makes it a game for all ages.


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