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G.I. Hero
By Firebird
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer & Video Games #88

G.I. Hero

In the beginning, there was Commando. Commando begot Green Beret. These seeds of unoriginality grew and grew until G.I. Hero came about, would it live up to its illustrious predecessors?

Peace documents have been stolen by enemy spies and someone has to get them back. You as GI Hero (the christening must've been great) are given the job. Predictable, huh?

As you are being flown out, suddenly the engine cuts and you find yourself parachuting groundwards clutching your canine pal - killer the dog.

G. I. Hero

Just before you land killer wriggles free. Can you find him and retrieve the documents.

GI is an Arcade side-on-view, flick screen adventure. There are no never-ending attacks from enemy soldiers as in Green Beret. In fact, enemy troops are very few and far between. Ammunition runs out pretty fast too, so look for extra clips which can be found scattered about the landscape. Incidentally, the landscape mostly looks exactly the same, which creates a "haven't I been here before" attitude.

Fortunately, finding Killer the god brightens the whole thing as any enemies that approach will now be savaged by your four-legged friend.

Now and then you'll come across gaps in the undergrowth, through which lie even more bland jungle landscapes. Eventually you reach some caves. If you face GI towards screen and press fire, up pops a menu screen from which you can choose many options, from deciphering codes to changing batteries. Batteries go with the torch which you will need to find your way around the darkened caves.

Sound FX are extremely sparse, just the repetitions sound of a cricket whining out of contempt. Maybe he hates the landscape too. Nice graphics with sufficient use of colour, although the main sprite is covered by a mask which shows a lack of programming care.

Furthermore, the GI's walk is far too slow and looks far too passive.

Three to eight goes is the most I'd give this in the lastability stakes. No variation, hardly any sound and too frustrating to enjoy. Hard game to get into, easy game to get into, easy game to get out of. Now where's that Operation Wolf cassette?

Tony Dillon

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