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Frankenstein 2000
By Atlantis

Published in Electron User 3.11

In Frankenstein 2000 your aim is to revive the famous old monster which you have found on inheriting the infamous baron's castle. In the futuristic world of 2000 AD your method is to shrink yourself down to a tiny size and enter the monster's body.

Stage one finds you in the monster's throat which is full of frogs. Your task is to destroy as many of these as possible during your journey downwards. This is best described as a version of Space Invaders. As you travel you will sustain damage from colliding with frogs or the throat walls. You will also use up oxygen. Too much of the first or too little of the second spells the end of your mission.

Before reaching the lungs, a pellet of oxygen must be shot. If you take a long time to hit it you won't have much oxygen for the next stage.

Frankenstein 2000

The activity in the lungs is very similar to the frogs in the throat, but here it is cigarette packets you must shoot. An added hindrance are bubbles of carbon dioxide which float up towards you. After shooting another oxygen pellet you reach the heart where you steer through the various cavities to activate the implant.

It requires careful timing to get past the electrical impulses and to slip through the valves as they open.

A rather unpleasant task faces you in the stomach. You have to shoot the slices of bacon, while avoiding the fried eggs. Finally you reach the brain where, if you've got the oxygen supplies and a minimum of damage, you can knock out the bad neurons. This requires real precision, and I have not yet managed to do it.

Audiogenic has an original idea with this game, but it doesn't quite succeed. Technically it's all fine with neat, fast graphics and it has pleasing sound effects. However the whole program lacks any kind of extra feature to make it stand out from the crowd.

Rog Frost

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