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Football Manager 2
By Addictive Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #54

Football Manager 2

Only last issue (79%) CRASH looked at Kevin Toms's sequel to the all-conquering Football Manager. Football Manager 2's extra features include the exact positioning of players on the field and the option to make substitutions at half-time.

The graphical portrayal of the match is a great improvement over the original, which was stow and unrealistic.

Players may be bought and sold on the transfer market where bids are made. The finance screen shows the gate receipts, wages bill and overheads. In addition to the championship and FA Cup, the team also gets to play in the League Cup.

Although there aren't that many more options, the general quality of programming and presentation is much better than the original's. The game really holds your interest and is definitely the best of the sports strategy genre.

Phil KingNick RobertsPaul Sumner

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