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Home Computing Weekly

Flyer Fox
By Tymac
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #99

This program boasts not only 3D graphics, but also simulated speech - a novelty better dispensed with as it was the worst computer speech I've ever heard.

The game itself isn't bad. You are flying a jet fighter escorting a jumbo jet, defending it from Mig fighters. These come up at an alarming speed, and it's a real challenge to keep them in your sights long enough to lock a missile on target. If you lose track of one, it's more likely to fire on the jumbo, and if you take too long chasing it, you'll run out of fuel and crash.

The graphics are excellent, the blue sky is littered with fluffy white clouds which enable you to see which way you're going, and when you're flying low, the ground scrolls past nicely. The controls are also clear, with a radar scope to show where the enemy planes are and the usual artificial horizon, altimeter and so on.

This game may not have the technical complexity of some flight simulators, but it's hard enough to keep you busy for quite some time.


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