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Felix And The Fruit Monsters
By Micro Power
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 1.08

When I had previously seen this tape advertised for the BBC Micro, I had assumed that its parentage was the famous PAC family of Arcade lore and legend. While this assumption is not entirely false, it is equally not a complete truth, for the scenario includes a few novel ideas. The power pills still appear, although they no longer give the player the power to chase the ghosts, merely to increase the energy level.

This energy level is important, as there are only three main ways to stay alive in this game. The object is to remain alive until the counter ticks slowly to zero, while being pursued by ghosts. There are pieces of floating fruit in the maze, which help the ghosts to mutant into even mastier beings, and so it is possible to move the fruit to places of safety, although one at a time is very tricky. There are also ether pools which can be laid, which have a soporific effect on the chasing ghosts, but only for a while. The other, and far more radical, possibility is to trigger the magnetic pad which transports all the monsters back to their cave, but which is apt to use a lot of energy.

I found the controls confusing at first, and I am forced to admit that I haven't become good enough at the game yet to enjoy it. My co-player is just six, and I always like an easy start to any new game so that he can reach a level of success. This game, unfortunately, begins hard and ends up well nigh impossible!

Dave Reeder

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