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By Endurance Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #26



Get an Eyeful of this. What swank... what elegance... what aesthetic refinement - and that's even before I load the game! The box Eye comes in raises packaging design to new heights.

Unfortunately I'm deeply suspicious when software houses go to extreme lengths to tart up games. It usually means a sub-standard product hidden somewhere beneath it all. And beat me silly with a wet kipper (Perv! Ed) if I'm not right again.

Eye is simply a popular board game that's been converted to computer. It's a perfectly adequate conversion job, although there are a few tatty edges here and there (like the use of Basic, and the standard Spectrum character set). Eye is, well basically Eye. I'm not going to spell out how to play the thing here, it's enough to say that it involves different coloured squares, a number of counters, 1-4 players, and a revolving board. The object is to get your counters onto the corresponding colours on the game board.

Like all seemingly simple games it is much more complicated than that. Someone said it was more challenging than chess, but I think it leans towards a puzzle game. It requires some thought to beat the computer (or human) player, but very often you can win just by luck. If I had to compare it to another game I think I would choose Think, by Ariolasoft, as the nearest example of the game type.

After all the hype within the game industry for Eye, Eye... sorry, I was looking forward to something a bit special from Endurance. What we have here is really a budget game let loose at full price, with a smart line in designer packaging. If you desperately need a computer version of Eye, buy it by all means (just watch out which keys you press or you'll end up with a blank screen!). Otherwise stick to the real thing. Don't forget eye told you so.

Lackadaisical version of the board game. Strong on packaging, weak on content. I don't think you will see Eye to Eye with this one.

Tony Worrall


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