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Home Computing Weekly

Englishskills II
By Griffin
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #74

I find it very difficult indeed to find anything constructive to say about this package. It strikes me that if schools, for that is who this is aimed at, choose to use a package such as this then we will never get computers accepted across the curriculum.

The stated aim is to encourage 10- to 15-year olds in the skills needed for English O-Level and CSE classes. What this package comprises is four programs dealing with the following: metaphors, opposites, group terms (collective nouns, for those who left school some time ago) and odd word out.

Each follows an identical format of a series of multiple choice questions presented one after another with instant feedback on the answer selected. In other words, an animated text book and not a particularly large or cheap one at that. I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy a package such as this for I'm certain that even those things which are included could all be fitted onto a few sheets of A4 paper with the answers on the back.


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