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Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #5


This isn't just a game about endurance - it's one you'll need plenty of endurance to complete and become proficient at as well. The action revolves around long distance motorcycle racing in which a 24 hour race, game time, can last one hour in real time. Up to six players can have full control over two bikes each as they guide them through single races or full racing seasons.

The game is a strategy one similar to the authors' previous game Formula One, also by CRL. Bikes have now replaced the cars and the emphasis has been shifted from financial management to bike and rider efficiency. Twenty bikes take part in each race and up to six players can control two bikes each. You can choose a team name, bike make and racing colours before deciding the configuration of the bike.

Three things have to be determined: the engine tuning, handling and tyre type. The tuning is a matter of balancing three gauges for power, safety and mpg while the handling is a similar balance between speed, safety and wear. These factors will determine what sort of bike you have, how fast it goes, how reliable it is and how economical it is on fuel. Another important factor is the tyres, which can be soft, mid or hard, and will wear at different speeds.


The rider is another important factor and each bike has two riders who can alternate stints on the track. While driving their energy is depleted, but their skill and safety ratings won't change much. Now that you've got your team together it's off to the races.

All the bikes have to be prepared before the race and, with six players, all of the above processes can take a long time. Now the race is finally underway and the bikes will whizz left to right across the screen with a grandstand in the background. The top six are shown on the leader board with the top 16 in order on a status line. These continually update themselves as the race goes by at 25 times real time.

During the race, many events can occur and changes can be made to affect a bike's performance. Numerous problems like crashing, running out of fuel, engine trouble or bike retirements can all happen and will require pit stops. Once in the pits the mechanics have to attend to whatever difficulty has arisen, including checking the brakes, tyres, engine, fuel and chassis if they need work. This takes time and your joystick dexterity will decide how much time is lost in the race.


Races can be anything from six to 24 hours long (not real time!) so there is plenty of time for things to change throughout. You can even get the riders to try harder or take things easy during a race, or retire them if they are doing too badly.

The graphics are fairly simple although the pit stops are well done and the strategy is very tough to get right. The game may be too drawn out for many but if you like a game that can go on for hours and hours then this is for you.

Second Opinion

I found this far too similar to CRL's Formula One to be very entertaining. The idea is virtually identical, the only difference being that you see bikes rather than cars on-screen.

Good News

P. Very tough strategy to master.
P. Good pit sequences.
P. Really long, complicated games are possible.

Bad News

N. Games may get very boring.
N. Race graphics aren't exciting.
N. There's an awful lot of preparation work, particularly with more than one player.

Bob Wade

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