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Elem Add/Elem Sub
By Cottage
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 1.05

Elem Add/Elem Sub

Two programs for the very young - 4 to 6 years, to teach elementary addition and subtraction. The main features being very good graphics and use of sound. Various objects are used such as Castles, Rabbits, Bananas, Dogs etc etc. The screen will display 9 Rabbits and invite the child to count then; then, after a correct question 'How Many Rabbits'. Another correct answer and the screen displays 9 + 5 = ___.

Each correct answer is followed by a Red Tick, drawn *slowly* with lots of sound holding the child's attention to the question and answer. The end reward is a cartoonist's balloon announcing the results, accompanied by a peculiar looking gentleman who is all smiles if there are no errors but, full grimace if there are.

Elementary Subtraction is similar in detail, graphics and sound but uses different objects. Having displayed seven objects on the screen and the quantity confirmed by the child, four of the objects are covered with a cross, the child is now invited to count the crosses. Given a correct response is followed by 7 - 4 = 3, the screen is cleared.

Two very good programs for this age group; very well put together excellent use of graphics and colour and, in addition to learning subtraction and multiplication there is a further bonus of the child learning to count and to read in the process.

Dave Reeder

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