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By Salamander
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #56

A very well presented and clearly explained game. Full loading instructions are included along with a good description.

You are able to move left, move right, apply thrust and activate the shield. You must guide your Eagle spacecraft through the hazards of the four moons of the planet Thrug.

You are an Intergalactic Geologist in search of rare trace elements. Each of the moons consists of five screens, and four iridium pods can be seen at the beginning of every screen. It is not necessary, but if they are collected, a hefty bonus can be expected at the end of that screen. One bug I have noticed is that sometimes when you collide with a meteor, instead of being drained of your energy it can be mistaken for a pod and you are given bonuses.

You only have the one life and that ends when shield power is exhausted. This is used up in one of two ways: by operating it manually, causing a steady drain or by hitting a hazard.

Graphics are great, sound is sufficient, but I have played more addictive games on the Beeb.


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