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Dragon Golf
By Gem
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #7

I don't play a lot of golf, only an occasional Crazy round at the seaside. I was looking forward to an instructive time, therefore, to help me along.

You start by giving your handicap, so I typed in 5. Mistake number one! That makes you a 'pro'. Next time I typed 50, to be told that the rules only permit up to 30. No allowance made for crazy golf players! I was beginning to think this was an adventure game where the riddles' answers were shrouded in some mystique.

On to the tee. A static graphic display shows you the top view from tee to hole with surrounding terrain. You are a yellow block which moves after each stroke.

Now for the next riddle.

Choose between Wood (1-4), Iron (2-9) or Wedge (percentage of full swing)! Beware, because some disparaging remarks are made if, like me, you fail to choose the right one. The ball is struck and the screen clears to update your position. This is genuinely puzzling because the block representing you does not always correspond to the text which describes your position relative to the hole. Follow the text.

When putting on the green I thought I could at least hold my own. Years of crazy golf must have done me some good! Feeding in the Percentage of FuJI Stroke to get to the hole I thought I could calculate the distance travelled. Wrong again!

Well, I've completed a few rounds of eighteen holes and I'm not much wiser. Playing the real thing I'd at least be fitter.

It could appeal to golfing enthusiasts, but not a game that had lasting appeal for me.


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