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Dr. Franky
By Virgin Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #27

Dr. Franky and The Monster


IT IS FORTUNATE the reviewer of Dr Franky and the Monster already had his own copy of the program. The game provided for review loaded perfectly, displaying the initial Manic Miner-style cavern, a few ghosts, the flask of elixir and the famous monster waiting for life to be poured into him. There it stopped, as the motion keys failed almost completely to obtain response on-screen. Irritation replaced interest after a dozen or so attempts to play.

There appeared to be no data corruption, however, and the second copy functioned perfectly. Whether it was one bad tape or a potential bug is yet to be seen so, if you buy the game and have similar problems, refer it to Virgin Games.

The aim is to bring the bolt-necked monster to life by collecting a flask of chemicals which must then be given to the lifeless hulk at the top of the tiered caverns, nine in all. The gloomy dungeons are also populated by the ghosts of the wretches whose spare parts have been used to manufacture the monster. They will hunt you as you attempt to move and jump along the passageways. There are other hazards such as mine wagons and bridges to negotiate. Movement is simple using only three keys.

The graphics are bright, fast and clear and you will need to move with some speed to avoid the vengeful ghosts. The monster comes to life with a satisfying electrical glow once the flask has been taken to him by the bizarre Dr Franky and good timing and judgement are needed to do that succesfully. Dr Franky is an enjoyable and attractive game but, in view of the problems experienced by the reviewer, it may be wise to check that your copy runs well before you leave the shop. Dr Franky and the Monster will run in 48K only.

Memory: 48K Price: £5.95

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