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Your Sinclair

By Players
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #31


Yet again an evil bunch of mutant alien slime-balls have settled down on a space station, and you're the only person around who's stupid enough to go and ask them to leave. Grasping your futuristic version of the eviction order - a quick kill rifle - and a flashy battle computer with more loose wires than a Spectrum, you teleport into the space station Denizen, for all the pre-release hype and droolsome graphics, is little more than a dull maze plod. Collect cards to open doors, blow up explosive bolts and shoot alien life forms - all pretty ordinary stuff. In fact, apart from the graphics, there is nothing which makes Denizen stand out from the hordes of other, similar games. It's slow and quite un-responsive and the repetitive action drastically reduces the lasting appeal. I'd only buy this if I were a mad mapper, or perhaps just mad.

Nat Pryce

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