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Dare Devil Dennis
By Visions
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #44

This program has awakened some hidden desire of which even I was not aware. I obviously yearn for the lights, the cameras and the action, not to mention the bruises of a Stuntman.

This is what you are in this game - a poor, overworked stuntman with only three takes between him and the dole queue.

In those takes, Dennis (your stage name) has to jump houses on this motorbike, whales on his water scooter and even snowmen on his skis.

Dare Devil Dennis

The graphics are great and gave me many giggles at first. Look out for the spider too.

Since then the giggles have worn off as I try to earn more and more (Dennis gets paid by the stunt) before I get fired each day. Every successful take is followed by a change of location before the cameras are ready to roll again.

There are many levels of difficulty too, all amusingly names - Oscar Nominee, Oscar Winner and Ace, to name but a few.

The worst part of this program is the instructions, which don't give enough advice to the beginner. For example, they don't even mention parachuting, a great idea I've found.


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