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Dam Busters
By Alligata
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 2.08

Blast The Dams

Have you ever fancied yourself as Guy Gibson flying your beloved Lancaster equipped with Barnes Wallis's bouncing bomb? Look no further than Alligata's Dambusters.

You fly over landscape made up of a single green line .. . but use your imagination. The aim is to destroy as many dams as you can before enemy fighters get you. The dams are also heavily protected by anti-aircraft guns.

So you must dodge the flak, destroy the fighters, and aim and drop your bomb too.

Dam Busters

The bomb sight is the ingenious dual spotlight system. You try to get both beams of light as close together as possible on the surface of the water.

This is a lively and interesting simulation. The game isn't easy to master and the number of keys to be pressed - seven is rather overwhelming.

The sound isn't all that exciting and there are no bonus screens or real game variations apart from a general speeding up and the appearance of more enemy planes.

> An exciting and involving game, but not as addictive as one might expect.

Dave Carlos

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