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DFM Database And Labels
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #123

With these two well documented programs for the storing of data and printing of labels you can use your Amstrad as a filing cabinet, to store names, addresses, products, catalogues etc, as you choose. The machine holds one file at a time, each sheet in the file is a record, and each line in the record is a field. Via a series of menus, you declare your file structure, stating how many fields, and their size. DFM then tells you how many records can be accommodated. If you OK this, you then decide how you want the info presented on screen and printer, then enter the data.

You may then sort the file in alphabetical or ascending numerical order and retrieve the file you want using any field. Data can be saved to tape (there's no provision for discs) and loaded into the second program for label printing, in addition to presentation on screen.

The obvious comparison is Masterfile 464, which is £10 more, and which holds much more data, has many more facilities, and is easily transferred to disc. DFM is well written, but given modest programming skill, you could write it yourself. At £6.95 it would be worth having just to see how a database works, however, any serious user would be well advised to go for Masterfile. In the long run, it will save you time, temper and money if you buy the one which meets all your needs, present and future.


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