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By Firebird
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #19


It wasn't long ago that we all raved about Knightlore and Alien 8, well now Firebird have produced a game that graphically is very similar but much larger.

To set the scene. The people of Tslu need a leader and it seems that they are prepared to consider any old trog that comes in off the galactic byways. You, Cylu, play the part of just one such trog. The Tsluvians have devised a test to make sure that you are capable of leading them and a very complicated test it is too. (Why can't they just hold an election like everybody else?). The Evolians have a very large and unpleasant maze and they have scattered 24 objects around it. To prove your worth you must retrieve all of the objects and return them to the start point, do that and you get to become the TBC (Tsluvian Big Cheese).

The journey around the maze is fraught with dangers hitherto unimagined. To kick off with there are 32 forcefields which can only be passed by finding and loading the appropriate processor into the main computers I/O unit which is located in the start room. There are isolated areas of the maze which can only be reached via a teleport link and to operate the link you will need to find the correct key. You must always keep your eye on the fuel situation units are consumed very quickly. Scattered around the maze are lots of fuel pods which can be collected and used when needed.


The character on the screen is steered with reference to the direction that it is facing rather than in relation to the screen. In other words if you want to move left you must turn to the left and then move forward, this can be a little confusing at times but one soon gets used to it. You can only carry five objects at any one time. When an object is picked up it is placed into one of the five coloured boxes on the upper right of the screen. You are able to select which item you would like to use, perhaps a fuel pod, by entering the number of the box. When you approach a forcefield you can determine which coded chip you need to turn it off by pressing the examine button. The screen will come up with the code number and then it's up to you to pop off and find the appropriate CPU.

Against all of the odds you may manage to impress the leaderless ones, but by how much rather depends on your efficiency level. This is given as a constant reading at the side of the display and depends on how much time you waste and how quickly you manage to locate items of importance and put them to use.


Control keys: very wide selection
Joystick: programmable only
Keyboard play: fine
Use of colour: only one colour to each screen
Graphics: Knightlore style but smaller and less detailed
Sound: clicking for movement
Skill levels: one
Lives: one
Screens: two hundred

Comment 1


'The first Alien 8 lookalike is here in the form of Cylu. This game has graphics which are very similar to Ultimate's 3D effects but obviously not quite as good. The sound is not very well used, only a few beeps here and there, which is a shame as it might have livened up the game a bit. Playability wise this game doesn't rate too highly as there are a few mobility problems with your man which make the game more infuriating then fun to play. Generally I wouldn't strongly recommend this game - but as it only costs £2.50, you can't really go wrong'

Comment 2

'There's no point pretending that this game is anywhere near as elegant as those it flatters. But for all of that Cylu is a playable game. I say the graphics aren't as elegant but they are still very good and create a passable effect. The game itself is complex but perhaps a little thin. I enjoyed playing it even though some of the Ultimate perfectionists in the office scoffed at it. Well worth the asking price'

Comment 3

'I am greatly impressed both by the graphics and by the size of this game. Although the graphics on any one screen are washed in only one colour the effect is still pretty good. If you enjoy making maps I am sure you will have some fun with this but don't expect the scenery to be too varied. A very high quality budget game and a must for the mappers.

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