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Cylon Attack
By A 'n F
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 1.05

Isn't it always the same? The mother ship carrying urgently needed supplies to Earth is attacked and you're the only interceptor pilot on board.

They're swooping out of space, wave after relentless wave, determined to stop the ship getting through. Well, an interceptor pilot has to do what an interceptor pilot has to do, so within seconds you're launching into space.

Away from the safety of the mother ship you have to destroy as many of the enemy as you can before your shields give way or your fuel runs out.

Cylon Attack

Your eyes search the long range scanners for a glimpse of the Cylons before they swoop to attack, curving and weaving to avoid your defence systems.

That's the scenario for Cylon Attack, the compulsive new game from A&F. You play the part of the interceptor pilot, struggling to get the Cylon ships in your sights so your lasers can lock on to them.

The screen of your micro becomes the view from the cockpit of the interceptor. Ranged around it are the instruments which show you the state of the lasers, your fuel, your rates of turn and spin, and a long range radar scanner.

Cylon Attack

Unlike some games this scanner isn't just decoration but really does help you to track down and destroy the enemy. The 3-D effect has to be seen to be believed. The aliens loom out of deep space, growing larger as they close to attack distance.

Also there are funny things out there in outer space! I wonder who's in the telephone box that floats past the cockpit?

The game is excellent, with lots more features than can be described here. The graphics leave most other games standing. And, as usual from A&F, the instructions are simple but thorough.

Cylon Attack

They also give you the option of saving the high score in a special table and will pay £200 to the person who has the highest genuine score by the end of March, 1984.

The only real problem is that I can't find anything about it to criticise. I've seen it entrance people who normally despise computer games.

It really is that good, and sets a new standard for action games set in space. Thoroughly recommended.

Dave Reeder

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