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By Godax
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in A&B Computing 5.05


Things are getting serious. We have a new software company Go-Dax - masters of some fairly crucial software packaging, incidentally - who for two months running get a Game Of The Month award.

Strange days, indeed. In fact, I do think that Cyboto is great fun, but it is a little similar to other recent releases to be really astounding. Yet another overhead projection arcade adventure.

The game too is fairly standard: twenty levels, each of which have to be explored, cleared of treasures whilst baddies are either outwitted or destroyed with a body shield. Nothing in fact that should take you very long to accomplish but still I'm drawn to it.

However, let me first disabuse you of a rumour currently doing the rounds. The game is coded by Gary Pennington and despite the fact that he comes from the north-east and the fact that Go-Dax is run by Darryl Still, ex-ASL software manager, this is not, repeat not a pseudonym of the much missed Gary Partis, who also lives in the north-easy and used to work closely with Gary Partis. Take my word for it, and rejoice that we've got yet another strong Beeb games programmer on the scene.

Anyway, to return to the game. What really intrigues me in this is - well, I'm not really sure. The graphics aren't too detailed, the gameplay is a bit samey and not too much happens. But it does intrigue me and there are touches that delight - a pre-title wireframe rotating figure, for one. A system of passwords so obvious that a child of five with a classical education could break - don't knock it; John Stuart Mill was fluent in Greek at four (History made easy; lesson 1).

Now that may not add up to much for you but in the desert a man clutches at even the dream of water. This is a thin month; this is still a fun game; perhaps in other times there would be other decisions.

Who knows? I only play the games and write the words. You decide. But I think that this is going to win a good number of fans who can't get enough of the Ravenskull or Kourtyard-type gameplay.

Dave Reeder

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