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Home Computing Weekly

Cruiser/Character Generator
By Solway Software

Published in Home Computing Weekly #46

In Cruiser you go on a long pub crawl round a canal seeking refreshment at each of the lockside pubs. It doesn't matter if you're not a drinker as you may collect either beer or lemonade!

Using the arrow keys, you steer round the waterway starting froom a marina at the top. The course becomes gradually more blocked as other boats appear and moor. Crashing into these too often results in a long walk home or a soaking.

You are given a bot load of provisions, which gradually become depleted. Re-stockiing can only be achieved by returning to the starting point.

The lockside pubs close after serving each pint, so during your journey they must be regularly re-opened to continue scoring.

Overall, amusing with plenty of variety, skill levels run from 1 to 30, well crash-proofed and even an option for users with black and white TVs.

Side 2 has a useful character generator for defining your own characters and obtaining their hexadecimal codes.


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