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Crazy Erbert
By Alternative

Published in A&B Computing 4.06

I may be wrong (mainly because I cannot find my original copy) but I think that this is a re-release of an earlier version of the classic Erbert or Q*Bert. Not that that is a real problem as it is an excellent piece of programming that captures all the qualities that made the game so popular.

If you've never seen it then you should know that you have to leap from square to square on a pyramid, changing colours and avoiding various nasties. A lot more complex than it sounds, it is good to see it available again especially at such a good price.

If you've already got a version of the game then I suspect it is not worth your while buying another but for newcomers to the game it should be sought out. Re-releases and re-working of old games are always worthwhile when the programming and friendliness of the instructions are so well designed.

Not one of the increasingly ubiquitous re-releases that insult our intelligence - well done Alternative Software for two such enjoyable games this month. No earth-shattering classics but good value for pocket money games that owners will buy on the spur of the moment.

Dave Reeder

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