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A&B Computing

Crazy Caves
By Silversoft
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 2.03

This is a small adventure by commercial standards but quite well constructed and might appeal to those daunted by the vast programs of the Level 9 class.

At least you feel you have a chance of solving one like this. Although I did solve it, the final steps were unsatisfactory, allowing repetition of earlier moves. I was left wondering whether this was a bug in the program and if I had missed the solution intended by the author.

The screen design makes sensible use of Mode 7 colour - consistently associated with different screen messages - without any confusing windowing. The game itself has relatively few locations and short descriptions, since no compression is used.

However, there is a rather nice feature in that one encounters a shop with a number of useful items, each of which requires the payment of a treasure. You generally only have one available so you must buy the right item to solve the next puzzle to get another treasure and so on.

While entertaining, the program has an amateurish feel to it - essentially a rather long magazine type program and definitely not approaching the kind of Acornsoft, Level 9, etc, class.

Jonathan Evans

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