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Cops 'N Robbers
By Atlantis
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #127

This game has a slightly amateurish look to it - it loads rather slowly and the graphics are not very sophisticated. The main character moves quite well horizontally, but appears to be lying down when you move him vertically, which looks very odd! However, that didn't prevent me from enjoying the game: in fact, it is more fun to play than many swisher and more expensive productions.

You are cast as a robber, Light Fingers Lonegan, who is after the gems in the Acme Diamond Company building. The cops are hot on your heels, but fortunately they are not very intelligent and you should be able to avoid them unless you are unlucky enough to bump into one as you emerge from a lift.

There are a few objects to collect and puzzles to solve, to help you to reach all the diamonds! for example, you have to find the combination to the safe and the key to the roof. You also have to take the diamonds back to your escape car, a slightly hazardous procedure as the police are thicker on the ground outside the building than they are within it.

The levels of difficulty determine the speed at which the game runs. FI selects the hardest level, F7 the easiest; its a shame the programmer didn't include a few more lines of code to reverse these into a more logical order. But despite such minor quibbles, this is as good a graphic adventure as you could expect to rind at this price level.


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