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Home Computing Weekly

By Martech
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #42

The use of a computer to moderate war games has been with us for a long time now, but usually the machine takes over completely and the use of boards, counters etc is not required.

This game is different in that it comes with a playing board, counters and record sheets.

The idea is to march your army into the enemy city and you have to be a master of all trades to do so!

There is not only the command of the forces, but also the investment of your reserves on the metal exchanges, piracy and oil exploration, with their resulting profits or losses, to worry you too.

So I cannot really see this as a family game, as the rules and situations are far from simple and not always very well explained.

It is a two player game with no practice or computer opponent option, although discussion by more than one player could help your enjoyment.

If you have experience of wargaming and an interest in computers then this is probably for you. It would also be a good introduction to computer-moderated games.


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