Columns (Sega) Review | Mean Machines Sega - Everygamegoing


By Sega
Sega Master System (EU Version)

Published in Mean Machines Sega #2


Guide blocks, fruit or dice down a well and arrange them into coloured patterns. Keep those blocks from reaching the top or it's game over!

Original Scores

Presentation 84%
Graphics 78%
Sound 89%
Playability 93%
Lastability 88%
Overall 89%

What We Said Then

Jaz: Although Columns sounds rather dull, it's the sort of the game that has you coming back time and time again.

Matt: This game manages to be both soothing and completely addictive at the same time!

What We Say Now

Jaz: This hasn't aged at all - it's still just as brilliant as it was when it first appeared..

Rich: The Master System hasn't seen a game quite like this in the two years since we reviewed Columns, It's in a class of its own - if you haven't got it and like puzzle games, buy it now!