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Colossus Chess 4

Published in A&B Computing 4.07

There are some games so obviously excellent that they get taken for granted. They are not flashy, not full of vibrant aliens, no four channel sound effects, no explosions; just the touch of pure quality.

Welcome to another instant classic. For some time the standard against which all other Beeb chess programs has to be measured was BBC Publications' White Knight Mk. 2; how could anybody top that?

Well, it took the programmer of White Knight (M. P. Bryant) to do it an what we have presented to us is perhaps the ultimate chess program for a home computer - a wild statement borne out by the program's very impressive record so far in computer chess contests.

I see no point in enumerating the game's qualities; let me just say that it is a quantum leap from White Knight. If you have any sort of interest in chess, then this is an essential purchase suitable for any level of player.

Buy it now - this is a game that will outlive your BBC.

Dave Reeder

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