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Codename: Droid
By Superior/Acornsoft
Acorn Electron

Published in Acorn User #065

Normally when I see a sequel, I yawn and give up there and then. However, with Codename: Droid: Stryker's Run Part II (Codename: Droid for short), I'm glad I didn't.

Although there are elements of Stryker's Run in Codename: Droid, they are few and far between and this makes it an almost entirely new game.

It is still a case of you against the Volgans, but this time you must infiltrate their underground base. Not being an expert in kung fu, you have been given a trusty blaster, a protective suit and a small supply of mines.

The action takes part in four zones of the base, each zone having three levels. The screen displays roughly a sixth of a zone at a time and scrolls as you move. To move between zones and levels you need the lift, and to use the lift you need a lift pass - no pass, no ride! Passes can be found dotted around the base, as can fuel cells to recharge your blaster and suit. The idea of the game is to collect some fuel rods and a navigation chip, then steal the Volgans' latest ship on the last level.

The graphics are colourful and well designed. Sprite movement is excellent with careful attention applied to the animation. The sound is simple but informative.

Overall the game is very good, if a bit easier than most puzzle-type games, although this makes a refreshing change from not being able to get anywhere!

David Lawrence

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