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Home Computing Weekly

City Defence
By Shards
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #14

This familiar arcade game is now being produced in many versions. Like Invaders, it must be the bread and butter of many software companies; otherwise they wouldn't produce these look-alikes. So how does this one compare?

A conventional interpretation in Mode I with few surprises. The familiar city is being bombarded by streamers and you have to destroy them with a laser guided by your joystick. A colourful display showing your city with some excellent explosive effects, and good accompanying sound.

The movement of the cursor isn't particularly smooth, and took some time to get used to. Once you've started to zap the streamers, your score begins to mount up on screen. Annoyingly, though, you lose 100 points when you succeed in wiping out the required number of Streamers and your city is restored.

Bearing in mind the new wave of machine code games, this must be a poor, albeit cheaper than-average version. You get what you pay for - not arcade standard but good of its kind.


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