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Chuckie Egg
By A 'n F
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #51

The object of this arcade-type game is to collect the eggs before the hens catch you or you run out of time.

At the start you can choose to see the instructions or reset the control keys. There are set already at the four cursor keys and the space bar for jumping. I was quite content with this arrangement but it's nice to be offered a choice.

Once it starts, you are on the first level. You, as the farmer, have to collect twelve eggs dotted about on various levels. You need to climb ladders and jump over gaps, avoiding hens. Once this is completed another more difficult level arrives. On level three and above the farmer has to travel via a conveyor belt.

Each level is progressively harder and the number of hens increase. Points are gained for each egg collected and a bonus for each level completed. There is a timer which allows a generous period for each screen. At the start you have five lives and extras are awarded, though there is no information given on this. There is a high score table and very good graphics.

A thoroughly enjoyable game I will be playing many more times.


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