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Chip Buster
By Software Invasion

Published in The Micro User 4.02

Give those bugs the hammer

Every one of us will, at some time, have problems with a bug in a program, though some of us tend to have more problems than others.

Chip Buster, from Software Invasion, is a game about computer bugs. Not of the "Syntax error" variety, but the ones with six legs which munch through chips, tacks and other assorted components.

As the game begins, you are given a choice of three computers. You can practise your extermination skills on the BBC B, B+ or a machine known as the crazy computer Your decision made, you are transported onto the main circuit board of your chosen micro.

Chip Buster

Armed with the tool of your trade, a sledge hammer, you set out in search of bugs.

Your task is divided into two distinct areas, component repair and bug splatting. Both are carried out in a similar way.

Components are repaired by standing on them and hitting them with a big hammer, just like my local BBC dealer (only kidding guys!)

Chip Buster

Bugs are a little more difficult. Touch them while they're moving and you are dead. The trick is to sneak up on them while they're chewing a chip, then whammo, exit one bug.

The repair man is only allowed to walk on the tracks or the chips themselves. This introduces an element of maze negotiation into the game. The computer screen displays only a small proportion of the circuit board. Movement in any of the four directions causes the screen to scroll smoothly in that direction.

Pressing the D key at any time will display a damage report, providing information on any areas which are currently under attack. Using the map on the inlay card you can then home in on the damaged area.

The game ends when you have lost all four lives, or every section of the board is damaged and the computer explodes.

Chip Buster will never be a blockbuster, but it provided me with several hours of entertainment. More importantly, it can be played at a leisurely pace and is therefore ideal for younger children.

Jon Revis

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