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Bug-Byte Compilation 2
By Bug Byte
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 5.03

Bug-Byte Compilation II

The first Bug-Byte Compilation was an interesting package at a very welcome price, sadly the same cannot be said about this sequel.

Of the four games included here, there is only one that is worth seeking out for your collection (and dedicated Arcaders will surely have this already) - the excellent arcade adventure Hunkidory by our old friend Peter Scott, or 'Hunky' Scott as Bug-Byte rather charmingly call him! We've written enough about this game in the past so all I need to reiterate is that this would be an excellent introduction to the original games world of Peter.

An excellent introduction, that is, were it not for the fact that you'd then also be saddled with two of the poorest games in the Bug-Byte catalogue. I hate to be mean, but the two sports simulation Cricket and Ice Hockey do nobody any favours, least of all, the programmer Margaret Stanger. They look and play like magazines listings and I am not at all impressed with them.

However, an interesting oddity from the past, is the final game on offer - Jon Niblett's arcade adventure Jack Attac, a kind of Jet Set Willy clone. Poor graphics, a limited number of screens (only 45!) and a less than inspiring scenario still don't spoil my limited enjoyment of this game. However, this is not one that I will return to often.

So... is it worth the cash? Yes, probably - but only to get Hunkidory on disc at a cheap price. Bug-Byte has some other intriguing games still hidden in its back catalogue - how about a compilation featuring Savage Pond, Megarok, Roboto, Uranians and even Oblivion?

Dave Reeder

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