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Boxing Manager 2
By D&H Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #52

Boxing Manager 2

This update of last year's rather dreary Boxing Manager 1 adds a spanking new graphic element in that, yes, you do actually fight. This will probably be bad news for anyone who doesn't care for actually fighting, but then anyone who is down on violence is hardly going to be buying a boxing game, are they?

Still, it's all here, in the usual D&H style. You can go for the WBC Championship, for the WBA (What've West Bromwich Albion got to do with this? Ed) or even the IBF. You can fix a fight, take a dive, even do TV interviews (although not, sadly, with 'Arry). I am perhaps less drawn to the idea of this one than the other two (which may have been why I left it 'til last), but it's a well-proportioned game nonetheless, with probably little, if any, regard for accuracy. Still, there's a strong sense of atmosphere, even if no-one ever seems to be pummelled a la Mike Tyson and put in hospital (now there's realism!). Rampant pugilists should lap it.

Hardly the most accurate management sim, but with enough atmosphere and playability to keep you happy.

Marcus Berkmann

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