Blockbusters (Macsen) Review | Crash - Everygamegoing


By Macsen
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #13


Not long ago we reviewed a game based on the well known Central TV quiz show, which was released by Compusound. Unfortunately this was not properly licensed and Compusound have been forced to withdraw it. The version under review here is the official one. It is not the same program as that released by Compusound.

The game is surely well enough known not to have to describe it in detail. Basically two players attempt to beat each other across a matrix of hexagons in a 4 by 4 shape. Each hexagon contains a letter of the alphabet. The players take turns to select a letter, at which point a question appears at the bottom of the screen, the initial letter of the answer being the selected hexagon letter. Either player may interrupt and answer it against the time limit. A successful answer results in the hexagon being coloured in the player's colour. The first to blaze a trail right across the playing space from top to bottom or from either side is the winner.

A set of questions is automatically loaded with the game, but there are other question sets on tape which will be loaded if requested. Players may select from nine difficulty levels and on a series of games from 1 to 9.


Control keys: A and L for interrupt keys, general inputs
Keyboard play: responsive, fast response time
Use of colour: sensible rather than exciting
Graphics: hardly applies
Sound: good tune, entry beeps and warning signal
Skill levels: 9

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