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Home Computing Weekly

Blaster, Smuggler's Cave, Hangman
By Alton
Dragon 32/64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #22

A curious mixture of different types of game: the space zapper, the adventurer, the educationalist are all aimed at.

Blaster puts you in charge of the space stations. A cross hair is moved around by your joystick and you destroy the hostile attackers. Written in Basic, it's a little jerky, but a well-constructed game. Good fun for a while, but lacking in variety.

Smuggler's Cave is an introduction to adventures which even duffers like me can get the hang of. Not too many locations and therefore quite quickly solved. A good illustration of the basic technique.

Hangman is always good fun. Maybe if you have other versions in other compilations the novelty will have worn off, but at least it's another word bank. I certainly feel happier letting the children spend time on this.

Compared with other compilations, this one seems to me overpriced for games which aren't particularly novel.


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