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Personal Compuer Games

By Alligata
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #4


'Blagger' is Cockney slang for robber, and thus makes sense as a title for this game, since it's a rip-off of Manic Miner.

Beginning in the bank, where the blagger has stolen his swag, the game progresses through 30 screens until the hero - or villain, depending on which way you look at it - returns to the safety of his home with his ill-gotten gains.

As in Manic Miner there is a multitude of keys to collect before you can exit from any one screen. On the first screen there are electrified trees, walls, conveyor belts and also a malevolent trolley. Using the joystick to jump and move forwards, you travel round the screen collecting the keys an hope to escape to screen two.


On further screens you will be attacked by rampant skulls, chomping jaws, evil telephones and unfriendly Chinese coolies. It's not at all easy to escape them, making this one a tough struggle.

All these enemies are created in very clear graphics and present the player with a stiff test of skill. Unfortunately, rather than 30 entirely different screens, the opponents make several appearances.

However, if you liked Manic Miner, Blagger will undoubtedly appeal to you despite its repetitive sound.


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