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Bismarck: Death Of A Battleship
By BBCSoft/BBC Publications
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in A&B Computing 5.02

Bismarck: Death Of A Battleship

We've looked in these pages over the last few months at a number of war game simulations - I'm no expert but even so I've been impressed with the quality.

This simulation by Barry Joyce does seem to be aimed at rather a different market, however - the expert wargamer. A large program covering the North Sea and eastern Atlantic, it offers levels of complexity that I haven't even begun to touch after some hours play.

I know when I'm out of my depth - the excellently produced manual even has a reading list! This is a game for long study and those at home in the world of wargaming should leap upon it. Beginners too could try jumping in feet first - the manual is clearly written and takes you through a sample game but this is clearly a program of a very high standard that will repay a lot of study and practice.

It's a bit intense for me, but I know a classy piece of work when I see one. Good to see BBC Soft back as well.

Dave Reeder

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