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Home Computing Weekly

Big Ben
By Interceptor Micros
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #100

Giz has been trapped by Jem the evil wizard, and has to collect thirty gold coins to open the tunnel leading to Big Ben's bell so he can ring the bell and free himself. He can travel around to collect the coins on foot or in a turbo plane. The plane is faster, but he has to get out of the plane to pick the coins up and the landing pads aren't easy to identify.

This is a variant on the platform type of game. There are platforms, moving staircases, chains to climb and other assorted obstacles. There are also detonators dotted around, and standing on one of these causes Giz to jump upwards, so if you want to stay on a particular level you have to jump over the detonators, a reveral of the usual situation where you jump to change levels.

Collecting the first few coins is comparatively easy, but it gets harder. Collecting all 30 will take a lot of practice. It's an attractive and entertaining game and, though not startlingly original, it's worth looking twice at.


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