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Base Invaders/High Noon/Do Not Pass Go
By Work Force
Spectrum 16K

Published in Sinclair User #13

High Noon


SOFTWARE HOUSE Work Force has produced three very entertaining games and one very helpful toolkit package for the 16K and 4K Spectrum.

Base Invaders is one of the most addictive space invader games we have reviewed. It is difficult to beat, unlike some other games we have received in the last few months. The authors have also included a shield for the laser bases at the bottom of the screen which can be activated if the going becomes difficult. High Noon is the best version of Shoot Out we have seen either for the ZX-81 or the Spectrum. The animation achieved as the two gunfighers try to shoot down each other among cacti and the wagons is very smooth. The game can be played with a human opponent or with the computer. Both games are for the 16K or 48K Spectrum.

Do Not Pass Go is a version of that popular board game over which Waddingtons seems to have a Monopoly. The game is the same in most respects and the computer acts as the banker, debt collector and property broker. The computer will allow two to six players to try to find the road to riches - or rags as the case may be. Do Not Pass Go is for the 48K Spectrum.

The toolkit for the 16K and 48K Spectrum is called The Programmer's Dream. It will re-number programs, move blocks of lines to other parts of a program, erase one line or blocks of lines, change the values of strings in a program, list variable names and contents of a program, and display the size of a program and the amount of memory used to store variables.

The program is ideal for Basic program development work and works like a dream.

Base Invaders and High Noon are available for £4.50 each. Do Not Pass Go costs £6.95 and The Programmer's Dream £6.95. All can be obtained from Work Force, 140, Wilsden Avenue, Luton, Beds.

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