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Around The World In 40 Screens
By Superior/Acornsoft
Acorn Electron

Published in Electron User 4.11

Since the successful launch of Repton 3, Superior has been inundated with letters asking when it would release a new set of screens.

Well it is my great pleasure to announce that it's here, entitled Around The World In 40 Screens. The package consists of five files, each containing eight mind blowing screens.

The cassette represents excellent value for money since not only do you get forty new screens, there is also a copy the Repton 3 screen editor. So, if you didn't buy it first time round, here's your chance to see what you've been missing.

Around The World In 40 Screens

As the title suggests, each of the five files is based around a different country or environment. The characters all retain their original characteristics, so boulders fall, eggs hatch and monsters chase, but every last one of them has been redefined to match their new surroundings.

Repton's voyage begins in the Wild West where 'Clint' Repton has to clear the town of hamburgers inside a strict time limit.

The boulders have been replaced by wagon wheels, the monsters are now Red Indians and the spirits have changed into bandits who must be jailed.

Around The World In 40 Screens

The remaining four files are set in the snows of the Arctic, the mysterious Orient, the ocean depths and Africa. A great deal of time and effort has gone into creating a graphical treat, and a series of puzzles that as just as testing as the first collection.

In the original Repton 3 you had the chance to load a new series of screens if you grew bored with the first set, but you were still playing with the same old characters.

By using a brand new character set with each group of screens your attention is held much longer - it's now far easier to keep the eyelids open at three in the morning.

Around The World In 40 Screens

Unfortunately, the vastly different character sets cause a few problems when loading a new file. You don't know which are safe to touch and invariably lose a few lives.

The best course is to use your first venture into a new landscape as a suicide exercise, walking blindly into the different characters and noting what happens.

The inherent expandability of Repton 3 has been exploited to the full by Superior. If it continues to release extensions such as this, our little green skinned buddy could be around for many a year.

Jon Revis

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