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Answer Back Sport
By Kosmos

Published in Electron User 3.03

Kosmos has developed quite a reputation for its Answer Back programs, and the latest addition to the collection, the sports quiz, keeps up the good work. What you get for your money is more than 750 questions divided into 26 categories.

These must cover just about every area of sport. The questions can be multiple choice, or yes/no answers. The whole program is regarded as a sporting contest - you against Kosmos. Every time you get a question wrong, it's a point for Kosmos. But if you get one right, you will gain the point yourself.

For each correct answer, you also get three credits, and these credits can be cashed in for a choice of two games - football or tennis. In football, you keep goal against a very competent Kosmos forward line, while in tennis you score points each time you hit the ball. Apart from the set questions, the program gives you the ability to create your own quiz.

This doesn't need to have a sporting theme - I've used it to create questions on science topics.

The program is well-written and bug-free. The games, while not arcade standard, demand some skill and are enjoyable to play. The main menu is clear and easy to use.

Rog Frost

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