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Animated Strip Poker
By Knightsoft
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #15

Animated Strip Poker

Card games on computers have always been popular with software houses, but this version of Poker has the added dimension of the seductive Mindy to play against for clothes!

The actual Poker game is a quite traditional version of five card draw. The computer (Ossie) deals you and Mindy five cards each. You then bet against each other on the drawn hand until the best are equalised, follow this by rejecting the cards in the hand you do not want in an attempt to better your hand. Then there is a final round of betting until they are equal again, at which time the hands are 'laid down ' with the best hand winning. At any stage you may either STAND (do nothing with the cards), BET or FOLD (concede the hand).

Recognised Poker hands are used; in descending chronological order these are Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight Run, Three, Two Pairs, Pairs and Highest card.

After loading the screen presents you with a dancing card with legs, hands and head. This is Ossie, who spends a lot of time like some fairground shouter, tempting you to play with Mindy (cards that is). Pressing a key results in Ossie saying, Okay, let's play. Mindy says you'll play for her dress and she'll play for your shirt. On the left your five cards are drawn and displayed and the betting starts.

To get Mindy beginning to undress is quite hard work, since both of you start with £150 and only when that has gone will she start shedding at the rate of £50 per article. The programmer has ensured that she is reasonably well dressed, so there's quite a way to go!


Control keys: 6/7 raise/lower bets, numeric keys 1-5 for card changes
Use of colour: very simple, mostly black and white
Graphics: cards well drawn, some amusing simple animation on Mindy and Ossie, nothing stunning though
Sound: card shuffles and useful beeps
Lives: as many clothes as you can wear

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