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Adventure Compilation
By Len Townsend
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #54

Adventure Compilation

Tulgey Woods is the first in a planned eight-part (that's right - eight parts!) adventure saga called Superstition: The Covenant. It is set in the most notorious of myth and fable woods called Tulgey, (a feared place in the olden days). The object of the adventure is to seek out and destroy each member of superstition covenant, eight in all. You must find out which elements, weapons and such like will be most effective against each member. Tulgey Woods is home to the Wood Witch and she fears the deadly dutch elm fungi, so no problem there, except once you've collected this fungi, it dies very quickly. The graphics aren't exactly up to Magnetic Scrolls standards but the olde postcard-type pictures add a certain character to the adventure. Tulgey is quite difficult and mappers will like it as it is quite easy to become lost.

The other two adventures have been given away free (Tulgey is the major game) but they are both good in their own way.

Twelve Lost Souls is a simple treasure-seeking game in which you must retrieve twelve souls and return them to the rightful owners so that everyone can live happily ever after.

Labyrinth Hall is a castle and dungeon maze adventure with a difference.

All of the games were written using GAC and support the commands EXAMINE FURTHER or LOOK CLOSER. Tulgey Woods is clever, whilst the other two are basic but they are free, after all. Buying three adventures for £3 means you can't go wrong, but be warned that they aren't the best around - nor the worst either. Tulgey Woods shows potential and I look forward to part two and hopes it goes all the way to part eight without losing any of its charm or originality.

The Balrog

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