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Acro Jet
By Microprose
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #16

Acro Jet

Unlike most flight simulations, where you take off, fly like a bird and then land, in Acrojet learning to fly a plane is just the beginning - then you've got to attempt ten death defying challenges that even Biggles would have trouble with.

Still, all is not lost 'cos there's a series of levels that'll let you tune the controls so they are either realistically fast for the flying aces or completely catatonic for the Gary Numans among us. Added to which you can start each mission when you're already airborne so you don't need to be a whizz at lift off. So, release that throttle 'cos we're ready to take to the skies Dick Dastardly style...

Once you've gained some control over your flying machine it's time to compete in one, five or all the ten missions lined up for you. These challenge you to fly around courses marked out with pylons, cut ribbons with your wing tips, practice the loop the loop (wahay!) and land - dead easy you might think, but it's no mean feat when you've cut your engine at 2000 feet! I found flying a bit tricky to begin with but even I soon got the hang of it. The hardest part of the game is getting to grips with the instructions! Luckily, you do score points even if you don't complete an event and land up on the runway like a lump of strawberry jam! So, even hapless beginners can compete against two or three mates.

The graphics are quite natty too, though I did have problems keeping my eyes on the controls and the plane. A realistic simulation, Acrojet's a hell of a lot better than flying Dan Air!

Tony Hetherington

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